How to travel via the nyc (mta) subway

Find a Subway Station

For the elevated stations like in Queens, you'll climb steps.

French Connection scenes are rare.

Determine your destination by using maps. Manhattan rule of thumb: 1,2,3,A,C,E are West Side Trains. 4,5,6 are East Side Trains. N,Q,R run down the center of Manhattan.

Get your Metro Card at the Station Kiosk.

Metro Card usable at all Stations and most MTA Busses.

Swipe to gain access to train platform.

Find the correct platform, each are well marked.

Happy MTA Passengers that stay on this side of the yellow platform.

Notice the Letter/Number on front and side of Train.

Ideally find a seat and protect your belongings.

If you can't find a seat, stand and hold on to railing v

BUT NOT WITH YOUR BARE HAND! Germs stay on surface for 48 Hours.

Same number Trains go Uptown and...


Appreciate the fine art work in the Subways, they are different at each Station.

Watch the video: The BEST Subway Stations in New York City! (January 2022).